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The mission of the company KyivHills is to improve the conditions surrounding our partners and employees

For Owners of objects we give possibility of long-term cooperation exclusively with high quality Tenants on mutually advantageous conditions. We understand and share the risks of commercial property owners and are responsible for our actions

For Tenants/Buyers we provide an opportunity to work with owners who share the principles of our company: respect for the partner, openness in relations, transparency in the conduct of business, flexibility in interaction

We provide our Employees with opportunities to improve their quality of life: to realize their ambitions, improve their professional skills, acquire new hobbies

Our principles (are our competitive advantages): Respect for partner and counterparty, transparency of business processes, reliability, responsibility and honesty



2008 - 2010

Founding of the company and the first landmark deal for the market: selection of the head office for Global Logic with the gradual expansion of the company from 4,000 sq.m to 16,000 sq.m. In this deal we fully represented the side of Global Logic. Kyivhills gains trust and implements projects for international organizations and large Ukrainian holdings: USAID, Shindler, Innovex, Teva, PUMB

2011 - 2013

2014 - 2016

KyivHills is setting a new trend for the relocation of large IT companies from the central business zone (CBD) of Kyiv. The deals made by the company contributed to the appearance of a new business zone on the business map in Solomenskiy district. The total area of transported IT companies, such as Miratech, Luxsoft, Infopulse in this location in this period amounted to more than 15 000 sq.m

Opening of a retail business  unit in the company. The first successfully completed project was to attract more than 15 tenants to the new shopping mall Victoria Gardens (Lviv). Besides KyivHills found new locations for several premium restaurants  in Kyiv: Bassano, Boho, Adelle as well as creative space MORE, and a network of fitness centers FIZMAT. Office unit, despite the general decline in the market, was developing dynamically. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that our transactions filled a significant part of the vacant office space in the business IT hub on Polevaya Street. More than 10 000 sq.m of high-class tenants such as Deposit Photos, Smart Business, 3Shape were attracted to this location

2017 - 2019

Successful implementation of transactions in class A and B+ business centres continues. Among other things, the office of one of top Ukrainian banks was moved to an area of 4,500 sq.m (two buildings), and the building of the largest investment fund in Ukraine - 4 600 sq.m - was fully rented out to the largest co-working in Ukraine. Complex work of office and retail departments provides professional filling of objects with harmoniously infrastructure: Steak house in BC Artyoma 25, FIZMAT in BC Domino, Coral Travel in BC Senator, etc.

The company has had an important impact on the development of the business area Podol, where more than 45 000 sq.m were rented out by KyivHills. Seven business centers were rented out completely

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