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Our services meet high international standards and are based on such fundamental principles as respect for partner and counterparty, transparency of business processes, reliability, responsibility and honesty

I.    Brokerage services

a.   Representation of interests of Owners/Lessors

  • Formation of a competent pool of large and reliable tenants

  • Optimization of leased/sold lots

  • Assistance in positioning the object on the market

  • Attraction of anchor tenants at early stages of project implementation

  • Assistance in forming optimal commercial, technical and legal conditions for leasing/sale

  • Consulting on formation, development and adjustment of building (territory) infrastructure

  • Proper conduct of negotiations 

  • Ethical and professional management of the transaction process

  • Strict confidentiality and data protection

b.   Representation of Lessees/Buyers

  • Providing access to verified data across the market

  • Acquaintance with the main trends. Forecasting of the situation development and changes in the main market indicators

  • Management of the transaction process

  • Professional negotiation

  • Accurate understanding of the request and proposal, including non-obvious solutions

  • Description of various possible solutions of the request including the case study format

  • Offering reliable real estate objects whose owners demonstrate respect for the partner, openness in relations, transparency in doing business, flexibility in interaction

  • Strict confidentiality and data protection

II.    Consulting

  • Preparation of analytical reviews upon request

  • Competitive environment analysis 

  • Development of marketing strategy

  • Best use analysis 

  • Assistance in developing and adjusting the existing concept to the current market context 

III.    Project management

​The professional team of the company KyivHills will take control of the entire process of implementation of the customer's project. This service will allow the customer to dispose of financial and time resources as efficiently as possible and achieve the set tasks in due time.

  • Creation of a team of qualified specialists to lead the process

  • Organization and conduct of tenders in the selection of contractors

  • Negotiations with all parties of the process

  • Drawing up and signing the contract

  • Implementation of the plan and budget review

  • Control during finishing and construction works

  • Verification of quality and timeliness of work

  • Monitoring of remediation and handover of the objects

  • Moving arrangements

IV.    Real estate valuation

​KyivHills assesses property assets, which helps to determine the current state of real estate and develop the best strategy for business development

  • Choice of the property valuation method

  • Independent technical and legal due diligence

V.    Investment services

KyivHills provides investment services to private and large international investors who want to enter the commercial real estate market. KyivHills consultants will develop and implement the most profitable strategy of commercial real estate sales in the current market conditions. Deep knowledge of the market and development trends, information about all parties to the transaction and the experience of our specialists will allow the customer to make the best decision

VI.    Legal services

  • Complex audit of commercial real estate objects

  • Development of standard and individual contracts in the sphere of commercial real estate acquisition

  • Individual consulting and transaction support at all levels and stages

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